Case on Bass
Dr. Joyner - Electric Guitar 
over 250 tracks together

This music was recorded live but has amateurish sound quality. Often the bass is too booming and rattles speakers. We were poor peasants and couldn't afford or achieve good sound quality. Though the spirit of the music matters to us and is unique, one loses all credibility when unable to get good sound quality. A shame. Good audio production is 50% of being a musician now, which often is a laborious, expensive and tedious task. Especially when recording live instruments. We didn't understand the audio production part, but stand by our technical prowess as musicians. 

If you want to be listened to seriously you have to achieve good sound quality. Unfortunately it couldn't be accomplished here, so only we can appreciate it.

Music -

Break Free album

Summer's End album

Omni album

River Tones album

Rituals album

Live performances -

4-6-2018 & 4-1-2018

6-21-2016 & 6-14-2016

6-8-2013 Yellow Springs

3-30-2013 & 3-20-2013

1-27-2013 & 12-23-2012

10-27-2012 & 11-14-2012

4-4-2012, 5-23-2012 & 6-20-2012

8-8-2012 & 8-30-2012